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Follow the steps below to copy file from windows to Unix machine 1) Download PSCP.exe from Internet 2) Place the PSCP.exe in same folder as ur text file to be moved

For running below code you need to add jsh jar file (e.g. jsch-0.1.53.jar) in your applications classpath.Download jsch-0.1.53.jar from here.

Perl Server Side Scripting Client-side: JavaScript Server-side: PHP, Ruby, Perl. share. In Client side scripting,Script file usually download on client system and client browser compiled. A Brief Comparison of Server-side Scripting. After being told to use a server-side scripting. Pretty sure a lot of
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Can anyone provide me sample code to move text file from windows to unix? Thanks Alok

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JavaXp.com – Java Expert’s blog contains simplified codes related to java/j2ee, JavaScript, HTMl, XML, Linux / UNIX, Databases like MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 etc. Also it contains Solutions to various Errors and Exceptions.